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What a life

How did it get this way ….

Where the bottles break

Big Hospital Finally telling the truth about Cancer, Johns Hopkins

About Time

Big O Takes Europe

Awsome Trip !

Big O Blogs

I went to Europe. For eleven days. I know what some of you are thinking: Wow, I really missed him, he has such a great social media presence and there was a void on Instagram without him. But, I am also going to be honest with myself and come to the realization that most of you are really thinking: Wait, he was gone? Indeed I was, immersing myself in European culture, taking an uncontrollable amount of pictures and not being able to give the proper amount of likes on the thousands of graduation pictures I am sure I have missed out on.

I have decided that rather than bombard you with two weeks worth of social media worthy pictures, that I will just condense it into blog-form. I must admit, this decision was not an easy one. I could easily post some of these pictures on Instagram just to be…

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Asia, Europe Smashed, Gold getting gutted

Asia smashed, HSI down 306, Nikkkei down 200+, Europe setting up for similar results with FTSE off 66 and DAX down 70. Gold getting gutted down almost 100, US futures weak

Asia Getting Crushed, Gold below $1500

Asian Markets are getting RIPPED, HSI down 300+, NIKKEI down 140, Gold getting hammered drops BELOW $1500, things shaping up to be a little shaky

Russell Charts for 4/15/13


1 Year and 5 Day Russell, with ADX and my moving averages. Patterns are starting to look like a small pullback.


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